REVIEW: Pretty, Witty Nell, Rogue Shakespeare (Barons Court Theatre)

To write reviews in verse is rather hard,
but sometimes it suits the style of a show.
And though, I have not the skill of the Bard,
to honour the playwright, I’ll have a go.

This Thursday past, I went to Baron’s Court,
to watch a play named Pretty, Witty Nell.
Historical, yet in school she’s untaught;
In a one-woman play, her tale she’ll tell.

Written by Ryan J-W Smith,
(Artistic director, Rogue Shakespeare).
A sensational life reduced to pith,
and told in iambic pentameter.

Hannah Attfield as Nell Gwynne. Image credit: Rogue Shamespeare.

From orange seller to the King’s mistress,
A life like no other; she lived it well.
And here she shares the details; quite raucous.
Hannah Attfield perfectly plays our Nell.

It’s modern, enjoyable Shakespeare;
with comedy and tragedy; the lot.
The rhyming verse, it pleases the ear.
And all a true story, with quite the plot.

If this review, you’ve read right to here,
Rogue Shakespeare might be right up your street.
So get down to Baron’s Court Theatre;
This weekend, Nell Gwynne you surely must meet.

Pretty, Witty Nell plays at Baron’s Court Theatre from 18 to 22 July 2023. We received a complimentary press ticket to the performance on 20 July.

Image credit: Rogue Shakespeare