Working From Home: A poem about procrastination

You’re working from home and it sounded quite nice.
But several days in you’re in need of advice.
Your new working pattern is not so much fun.
You’re climbing the walls and you’ve got nothing done.

You’re missing the office. Can’t work in your flat.
Your bed’s now a desk and your colleague’s a cat.
You don’t bother dressing, just stay in PJs.
Admit it, you’ve not had a shower in days.

You’ve run out of coffee. Can’t go the shop.
There’s work to be done and there’s no time to stop.
Just get one job done. You can take a break then.
…..You’ve ended up scrolling through Facebook again.

It’s fine. Not a problem. You’ll have to work late.
Just cut down the lunch break and finish at eight.
There’s plenty of time. You can salvage today.
You’d rather not go to the gym anyway.

What harm will it do to turn on the TV?
Or take a quick nap? Just an hour or three.
You needed a rest. You can’t work if you’re tired.
There’s nobody watching. Not like you’ll get fired….

The kids clatter in and that’s work down the drain.
They can’t play outside as it’s pouring with rain.
So every ten minutes you break up a fight.
You give up on work, plan to catch up tonight.

The evening rolls round and the kids are in bed.
You’re too tired now so watch TV instead.
You promise that you’ll have a nice early night.
Tomorrow’s a new day. You’ll put it all right.

You wake in the morning. You’re tired again.
You need a good lie-in. You start work at ten.
Skip lunch altogether. There’s no need to eat.
You don’t burn off calories glued to a seat.

You’ve got a huge headache and pain in your back.
You can’t concentrate. Is it time for a snack?
Your to-do list’s too long and this day’s never-ending….
….You pop onto Twitter to see what’s been trending.

For hours each day now you mindlessly scroll.
The boredom of working from home takes its toll.
You can’t be productive when glued to a screen.
You need to work out a more healthy routine.

Get up off your arse and go out for a walk.
You need conversation? Find someone to talk.
Drink coffee, play music, do puzzles or read.
To clear your head, do whatever you need.

Then take your to-do list and start things off small.
You feel overwhelmed and you can’t do it all.
Do quick, boring tasks. Tick them off one by one.
You’ll soon have the headspace to get big things done.

Set goals and a time when you’ll stop for the day.
Then turn off the laptop and lock it away.
Forget about work now, the evening’s for you.
Make sure you enjoy it, whatever you do.

Then wake up tomorrow and stick to routine.
Put on daytime clothes and make sure that you’re clean.
Sometimes all it takes to feel good is a shower.
Take regular breaks. Yes, at least once an hour.

Make sure that you eat and get exercise too.
To do your work well you must look after you.
Work out the right balance and you will be fine.
Just don’t get distracted by nonsense online!