NEWS: Sit In The Stalls Present ‘New Year, New Songs, New Writers’

Stagey radio show Sit in the Stalls have announced their brand new project for 2021, ‘New Year, New Songs, New Writers’. Throughout the month of January, they will showcase New British Writers and songs from their musicals. Sit in the Stalls is also collaborating with New UK Musicals for the first episode, highlighting some of their writers and songs that can be purchased from their website.

The project showcases the best that British musical theatre has to offer, featuring Adam Pennington, Amir Shoenfeld, Black Widows the Musical, Caitlyn Burt, Caroline Kay, Caroline Slocock, Chris Brindle, Darren Clark, Dominic Powell, Eamonn O’Dwyer, Ed Bell, Eden Tredwell, Elliot Clay, Emily Rose, Estee Stimler, Gray and Daly, Hilmi Jaidin, Jim Barne and Kit Buchan, Jordan Li-Smith and Ray Rackham, Joshua Goodman, Joshua Lewis, Lucinda Bereton, Matthew Loughran and Laura Corradi, Mia the Musical, Noisemaker, O’Neill and Savage, Plan Bea the Musical, P Burton Morgan, Rebecca Applin and Susannah Pearce, Ricky Allan, Sara and Giles, Steven Edis and Teresa Howard, Thomas F Arnold, Tim Connor, Tom Slade, Victoria Saxton and Charles Miller, Wigmore and Green, Will Geraint Drake, Yuval Havkin.

Sit in the Stalls hosted by Reece Kerridge and Claire Learie airs every Sunday 2pm – 4pm on UK Radio Network. Each week, listeners choose the Musical of the Week. There is also music from all the best musicals, interviews with guests from across the theatre industry, games and – of course – plenty of laughter.

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