NEWS: Composers Daniel and Laura Curtis to Introduce New Voices with Online Concert

On Monday, May 25, 2020 at 6:30 PM, composers Daniel and Laura Curtis will host a concert live on Facebook and YouTube. The concert aims to introduce emerging artists who will sing the composers’ work.

Daniel said “After our concert supporting ‘The Barn’ theatre, we were sent a lot of messages about putting together another online concert featuring only new voices. Unfortunately we received way more submissions than we could fit in and we will most definitely look at repeating this format again in the future. Every artist involved is very different and insanely talented.

The concert features performances by:

Alice Mee-Bishop

Gracie Jayne Fitzgerald

Lydia Hague

Olivia Hallett

Kasia Howley

Jake James

Taylor Lawton

Ruth Lockwood

Jackie Pulford

Fraser Stainton

Watch it at: