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My quick rummage on Google for advice on setting up a blog told me a number of things.  The first was that all good names for blogs appear to have already been taken. The second was that all good blogs appear to contain some sort of introductory post explaining to the reader what the blog is about and why the writer has confidently decided that their musings are so important as to warrant an additional entrant to an already saturated market. So, this is my obligatory introductory post.

For ages I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging about theatre. A few years ago, I even got as far as setting up a Twitter account for this endeavour. Twitter still periodically emails me to remind me to verify my account.  I have neither verified it nor blogged about theatre.  I probably don’t need to add my voice to the plethora of stagey blogs out there.  After all, everyone’s a critic.

In any case, it turns out that once you own your own munchkins you spend less time sitting on the freezing steps of the Apollo Victoria in search of a Wicked dayseat and a lot more time freezing your arse off in the queue for the swings at the local playground.

 “Aha”, I hear you say. “What the internet needs is more mummy blogs.  Will you be a babyccino-instagramming yummy mummy or a gin-fuelled ranty mummy?”

Definitely not the former. Juggling a job, the school run, the laundry (good God, so much laundry!) and ferrying small people to extra-curricular activities leaves limited time for lounging around overpriced cafes.  Reflecting on the last statement, I’m really starting to sound like one of those gin-fulled ranty mummies (although my daughters will quickly tell you that prosecco is my tipple of choice).

“Yes. Are you sure this isn’t one of those blogs where Mummy complains about Daddy’s shortcomings?”

Nope. This is an entirely female household (unless you include a token male cat).

“Ok, so this is either a crazy cat lady blog or a lesbian parenting blog.  Either way, well done on getting this far without mentioning cats. How many do you have, by the way? I assume your favourite musical is Cats.”

Three.  No, this is not another corner of the internet devoted to feline hilarity.  Somewhat surprisingly, Cats is one of the few musicals I truly dislike.  And no, it’s not just a gay lady parent blog.  My terribly scientific Googling told me that it’s important to have a niche for your blog but I think that’s probably a bit too niche. And for the most part not all that different to any other parenting blog.


Unclear, but you are still reading so I assume you’re going to stick around.  For the most part I will be blogging about child-friendly theatre, since the munchkins are now of an age where we can begin their fan girl training in earnest. If that’s your thing, you can find it tagged under My Favourite Things. Positive parenting things can be found under The Little Things.  Look there for tips on non-theatrical family fun and general happy thoughts about the small people I live with.  If you’re after ranty mummy, you probably want to look out for And Another Thing.

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